What’s Next?

This is the time of year I catch myself saying this more often.

I live in Nova Scotia and we have had a great winter this year, snow didn’t fly until February. January was great with lots of cold sun, half of February the same. Now we are headed into March and cool sun is present. There are many days that I sit at my desk with lots I can do and wonder what’s next, what is it I am supposed to be doing.

I have a list of things for work that I could be doing but this question comes from a different place for me. What’s next for me, what is it I am supposed to be doing for the next chapter in my life: Should I sell everything and do my version of Eat, Pray, Love? Should I get involved with a spiritual group of some sort? Should I start a new craft or sport? The questions don’t get answered…I have nudges that I am looking for something different, I could do this or do that but no answer that this is exactly what I should do, something that feels great.

Part of this I have also noticed is that I lacked enthusiasm and felt resistance to jump into anything let alone something new but had so many thoughts of possibilities rolling around in my head, then I thought maybe I am just tired, maybe that is the problem.

Since this has been going on for a little bit, it was time for me to figure it out! After all, I have been helping others figure this out for themselves for 17 years now. I have the programs and knowledge needed to figure this out. I had to get myself back on track, I needed to feel my passion again for everything that I do. For me, I need to feel passion and excitement for what I am doing in order to do it really well, we all do. If I don’t feel that, then what I need to get done gets done but not as well as if I am passionately excited about it.

I had to step back and ask myself what is really going on, where did my desire go? It ended up that I did not feel balanced, I was procrastinating certain things, and I was unsettled especially with this feeling that there was more for me. Of course, I had lost my passion and excitement for what I was doing daily because I was telling my self that what I was doing was no longer it for me. I was telling myself that my passion was outside of what I was doing. I put myself in this state with all these thoughts rattling around in my brain.

I believe that we all can find passion for everything that we do once you let go of the stories and old beliefs that you tell yourself that you are not passionate about what you are doing today, that this is not worthy of your time or your passion or that this is not something I can be passionate about. Our thoughts are our power house in one direction or the other.


“How you do what you do is more important than what you do. The ‘how’ refers to the underlying state of consciousness.” Eckhart Tolle

My uncontrolled thoughts were taking me all over the place but not where they needed to be for me to be excited or passionate about anything. Our passions comes from inside and that is where I needed to go to find it again, to let the passionate force be me. All of the searching would not have made a difference until I did this part, I would of kept searching because nothing would of satisfied me even doing my own version of Eat, Pray, Love would not of worked until I went inside. Passion starts inside, it has to be this way!

It is a very common practice that many of us look for external gratification, we forget that when we look inside and unleash our passion, when we stop looking for external happiness, miracles happen and what shows up maybe something that you never would of thought of or imagined.

So, what I want to let you know is that I am here for you if you find you are having those thoughts or that you have misplaced your passion and excitement. I understand what you are experiencing and what you are going through. You are not alone.

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